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We would like to share this poem that one of our Year 6 classes wrote today, showcasing their initiative and sense of community…

In this time of darkness

We hide away our fears

But we must talk and speak out

Get rid of those frowns and tears


When our hearts and souls are empty

Only filled with worries and doubts

Kindness, love and sharing

Will send the badness out


It’s time to come together

People’s precious lives at stake

Being kind is more important than ever

So don’t be selfish and take


Think of others in your community

Because right now there is no solution

We must show courage, strength and unity

Togetherness, inclusion


A few months of self-isolation

Then there will be a worldwide celebration

We will cry for those that we have lost

But we will finally realise the cost

Of friends, family, freedom and health

All of the things that give us true wealth


So let us thank the NHS

For all that they have done

Hang in there, world

This battle will soon be won!