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Primary Head’s Welcome

The Royal Primary School is about providing every child with a solid foundation for success reflected through our five core values of Respect, Community, Initiative, Trust and Risk.

My staff and I work hard to ensure that the children enjoy learning and are continually challenged – both through the curriculum delivered daily in the classroom and through the many extra-curricular activities presented to them each term. Most of all, we want our children to gain maturity and confidence during these crucial Primary years.

It is my heartfelt belief that as teachers we can facilitate this by engaging with the children as individuals and providing them with fabulous educational experiences – not only to enhance their academic learning but to also help foster young people who will one day go on to make their mark on the world.

We are a school that learns together and proactively supports one another towards success. Our recent school inspection report highlighted this by identifying, amongst many other attributes, that the quality of our teaching as excellent.

Much has gone into making the school the success that it already is. Progress continues year on year as each September we welcome the next generation of future business leaders, doctors, artists, engineers and more.

Mark Mitchell, Head of Primary


Going back to School; a message from a Year 1 parent:

Dear Teachers,

Thank you all for a well organised and supportive return to school.

My Daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her time and in her words:

“I thought it would be scary but it was great. Two metres is not that far and I loved seeing Mrs Thomson and my friends.”

Apparently learning at school is far better than being at home!

It is a difficult period for everyone. Thank you to all the staff for making it look and feel so much fun ….but safe.


Year 1 mom