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Language Support

The Royal School appreciates and respects the cultural enrichment offered by our many international boarders. They contribute hugely to our community and the children area able to learn important life lessons from one another in a discreet and meaningful way.

Cultural diversity is fundamental to our core values of respect, community, initiative, trust and risk and we do our utmost to support all boarders as they become fully integrated into daily school life. Often, one of the first barriers to overcome is language and for any boarder where English is not their first language we provide tailored and on going support. This is known as EAL – English as an Additional Language.

In Senior School, EAL students are assessed on arrival in order to ascertain their individual needs. Students are supported in academic lessons that involve reading and writing by an EAL specialist, as required. Depending on ability, they may also receive individual/group EAL lessons to enable them to acquire the language skills necessary to live and study in the School’s multi-cultural community with confidence and to feel at ease using English both inside and outside our School. Key literacy skills are taught as well as grammar and vocabulary extension.

In Years 10 and 11, more able EAL students follow mainstream English lessons with specialist support if needed, while those students who have not yet reached the required level of skills are withdrawn from English and follow a progressive and structured programme of study leading up to IGCSE ESL. There is also an Academic English option for these year groups to develop their English skills even further thereby enabling them to access the main curriculum more fully. 

In the Sixth Form, EAL students are prepared to sit IELTS whenever they are ready.