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Parents will no doubt have seen that the government has today announced the widespread closure of schools across the UK from the end of school on Friday 20 March.  It appears that schools will be required to continue to provide education and child care for the children of identified vulnerable children (EHCP/LAC/UASC) and ‘key workers’ who are employed in health care, education and other strategic roles.   We await clarification from the government regarding  who is identified as a ‘key worker’, and what the arrangements over the coming weeks will be.

We will contact our parents over the next two days of ‘normal school’ to clarify those arrangements.

 Please do not contact the school to enquire or our Reception will be overwhelmed at this difficult time.

 We remind parents that the school remains open as normal on Thursday 19 March and Friday 20 March and those pupils who are not ‘self-isolating’ should attend school.  If your son or daughter or anyone in your household has any of the symptoms of Covid-19; a persistent cough and/or a high temperature they should not be in school and should be isolated at home with the entire household being isolated for 14 days.

 In the next two days we will confirm arrangements for pupils to study at home and how the communications will operate.