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Inspection Reports

The Royal’s most recent school inspection was carried out in January 2016 by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). The Report found the quality of teaching and pastoral care and a range of other key features across the school to be ‘excellent’. As a School community we continue to build on the positive findings with staff, governors and parents working together for continued success.

The ISI’s inspectors reported that:

‘The quality of teaching is excellent and meets the aims of the school to challenge and inspire pupils to become happy and successful with a lifelong love of learning.’

They also stated that the Royal School has:

‘Established a highly positive ethos meeting its aim to provide a nurturing and inclusive community in which the educational needs and personal development of pupils in all parts of the school is fully supported.’

And went on to note that:

‘The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils is excellent and that by the time pupils leave the school they have reached an excellent standard of personal development and are well prepared to lead independent, purposeful and fulfilled adult lives.’

Inspectors reported that our teachers have an in-depth understanding of pupils’ needs and:

‘Teachers are well qualified, with effervescent enthusiasm, and excellent subject knowledge, and that a range of highly effective teaching strategies is used across the School’.

Further observations include:

‘Pupils’ achievements are strongly supported by their extremely positive attitudes to learning and their exemplary behaviour within and beyond the classroom.’

‘Teaching promotes high standards of behaviour by the pupils.’

‘The curriculum is effective in enabling the school to fulfil its aim to develop the potential of every pupil.’

And our boarders are reported to be:

‘Polite, courteous, and demonstrate a sense of care and appreciation for others.’

‘Confident and articulate, self-reliant and with increasing levels of maturity.’

Read the full 2016 ISI Inspection Report