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Friday, 1 February, from drop off until 10am in the Swimming Pool Café.


Do you have any ideas for future events? Would you like to be more involved and volunteer to help at the next Summer Festival or Quiz Night? YOUR child’s PTA needs your ideas, contacts and expertise ! Hot refreshments and cake will be available and also the opportunity to have a look through the pre-loved Uniform that is kindly donated to the school.

We would love to see you all.  If you have other commitments but would like to contribute on the day by donating a cake or pre-loved uniform – please get in touch! * NB No nuts are permitted on the school premises.

Celebration of Well-being and Character Development

Tuesday, 9 to Friday 12 July

The final week of term will be a celebration of well-being through a host of character development activities. The week begins with the senior school sports day on Tuesday, 9 July.

On Wednesday, 10 and Thursday, 11 July, students will take part in a variety of house competitions and activities that will give them an opportunity to enhance a variety of skills such as leadership, teamwork, problem solving, creativeness and resilience through enterprise, drama and STEM activities to name but a few. During these days, students will also be off site taking part in a number of different activities that encompass our school values such as supporting community projects in the surrounding area and taking to the outdoors for some outdoor and adventurous activities. The school year is brought to a close on Friday, 12 July, with our final house competition. Students will need to use all their skills they have been developing throughout the year and during the week for this end of year extravaganza. We can’t tell you too much about the day as it will spoil the surprise!