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Computer Science

Information Computer Technology at The Royal

The ICT department is amongst the top two most popular departments in the School. Students join the department in Key Stage 2, where they are introduced to new technologies and where they are encouraged to explore features fostering their creativity. In Key Stage 3, students will then learn how creativity can become part of industrial practice and productivity. In simpler terms, students actively engage with technologies and in an enabling environment in order to build up confidence and interest. In Key Stage 4, students actively choose the subject and the learning provision is further extended by the additional features of the new OCR Cambridge Nationals ICT curriculum and Computer Aided Design (CAD), a Design and Technology strand (CDT). Celebrating their success, many students then join Key Stage 5, or the AS/A2 levels, in order to refine their theoretical and practical knowledge, and to prepare for a viable university entry.

Courses are subject to change, and at the heart of the department’s aims lay a healthy crosslink to other subjects with the flexibly to respond to student needs and the demand of an ever changing nature, both technical and international. Thus, enabling students at any Key Stage to relate their knowledge and skills to real life application. Past students are now running their own businesses, work as independent artists, sound and film engineers, CAD/CAM professionals, designers and programmers and as researchers.

Computer Science curriculum map

Y7 Computer Science

Y8 Computer Science

Y9-Computer-Science and IT

Y10 Computer Science

Y11 Computer Science

Y12 Computer Science

Y13 Computer Science