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English Language and Literature

The Department aims to imbue in all students a love of English and its literature through a range of texts, genres, cultures and tasks across the age-ranges. Students are encouraged to read widely for academic purposes and personal enjoyment. Drama, writing, public speaking, shared reading and speaking and listening are promoted within lessons and in extra curricular activities.

Wherever possible, texts studied are supported by visits to productions or by DVD or videos, either of the text or providing insight into background or context. In class, every voice matters and the layout of classrooms within the department is organised to foster interaction between individuals and within the group.

Results matter but the needs of individual are paramount. The Department’s success in external examinations would seem to support this approach.

English Curriculum Map

Y7 English

Y8 English

Y9 English

Y10 English

Y11 English

Y12 English

Y13 English