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Sociology at GCSE and A Level

Sociology is about the study of societies, how they work and how they change.

You will learn how societies shape people’s ideas and behaviour and how in turn, people interact and shape their societies. You will also have the chance to consider your own experience of the world around you and to develop the knowledge and skills needed to play a part within the community. During the course of this programme of study, students have the opportunity to visit the Law Courts in Wolverhampton where they receive a talk on the processes involved and a chance to stand in the dock! They can then sit in on real trials, some of which have been real eye openers! Students can relate to the course content and enjoy the topics covered. Student achievement is good. The department has a good record of adding value to student performance.

The qualification will enable you to move on to further study and is particularly useful if you want to carry on to AS/A level Sociology.