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A Level Subjects

The majority of A Level pupils taught at The Royal School study three A Levels.

Each subject has five hours lesson time timetabled per week in Year 12 and another five hours per week in Year 13. Students are expected to spend at least the equivalent time working independently as background reading and individual research are vital for achieving high grades at A Level. We also offer some supervised study periods in Year 12 to encourage early adoption of effective work habits and to manage workloads with tutors and subject teachers.

External examinations for take place each year during May and June. The results for these are published in August.

The Sixth Form at The Royal provides a broad but mainly academic A Level programme with particular support for facilitating subjects. The standard entry requirement is six 9-4 grades at GCSE and it is an expectation that students achieve a grade 6 or above in any subject they choose to study for A Level. There is, however, a flexible entry requirement for existing pupils as we can continue to support their progress in our caring and inclusive Sixth Form community.

Please find details of each A Level course below:

Y12-Art Y13-Art

Y12 Business Studies Y13-Business-Studies


Y12-Computer-Science and IT Y13 Computer Science

Y12 DT Y13 DT

Year 12 English Year 13 English

Y12 Geography 2019 Y13-Geography

History-Curriculum-Map Y12-HistoryY13-History

Year-12-Maths-Curriculum-Map Year-13-Maths-Curriculum-Map

Y12. BTec-PE Y13. A-level-PE YEAR GROUP Overview. PE and Games. 2019.20

Y12 RS Y13 RS

Y12 Sociology Y13-Sociology curriculum 2019

Y12 Biology Y13 Biology

Y12 Chemistry Y13 Chemistry

Y12 Physics Y13 Physics

Y12 French Y13 French

Y12 German Y13 German

Y12 Economics Y13 Economics

Y12 Psychology Y13 Psychology

PSHE and Statutory RS Curriculum Map

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