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Business Studies

Business Studies as a Subject Choice

The Business Studies department is one of the most popular departments in the school in terms of student numbers. The department features in the curriculum at Key Stage 4 and in the Sixth Form. It is therefore a subject which students actively choose. At both levels, the subjects we offer feature in well balanced option blocks giving students the opportunity to combine the subject(s) with others which dovetail with student interest and aptitude.

It provides that rare balance of wide relevance and academic rigour.  Past students include people working for government departments in the UK and elsewhere, many running their own businesses, those who have risen to high managerial positions in international companies and one old boy of the school who is currently a New York stockbroker.

Business Studies Curriculum Map

Y9 Business Studies

Y10 Business Studies

Y11 Business Studies

Y12 Business Studies

Y13 Business Studies

The Reception Virtual Open Day can be found here