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Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

GCSE & A Level Sciences

Why study Science at The Royal?

The Royal has a dedicated team of science teachers that are passionate about their subject and endeavour to instil their passion to all students on a daily basis.  The philosophy within the department is to bring a holistic approach to the study of science. We aim to bring an enjoyment and love of the subjects as well as a knowledge and understanding of the importance science plays in our lives. From exciting experiments in one of our five large and well equipped laboratories, to Biology Karaoke, from deep debates and discussions to hands on experience of the adaptations of a snake, we aim to make our subject as accessible as possible to everyone who studies it. The course also aims to develop communication skills so that all students can share their scientific experiences, meaningfully with others.

In Years 7 and 8, students are taught in mixed ability groups. The flexibility of the course (which is based on the QCA scheme) allows us to be able to explore each student’s interests as well as provide the practical skills and broad subject knowledge needed to underpin further studies in science.  The topics covered range from plant and animal cells to renewable energy resources, and the students can often be found making models to help with their visualisation of difficult concepts.  Students are more than encouraged to have fun with science.

In Year 9, science is taught as separate subjects, Biology, Chemistry and Physics (six periods per week), and starts to prepare the students for their GCSE course. This allows us time to not only look into the topics with more depth but also to help equip students with the relevant skills needed to tackle the written and practical examinations.

Key-Stage-3-Science-Curriculum-Map 19-20

Y7-Science info 19-20

Biology Curriculum Map Y9 Biology Y10 Biology Y11 Biology Y12 Biology Y13 Biology

Chemistry Curriculum Map Y9 Chemistry Y10 Chemistry Y11 Chemistry Y12 Chemistry Y13 Chemistry

Physics Curriculum map Y9 Physics Y10 Physics Y11 Physics Y12 Physics Y13 Physics

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