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Mathematics at The Royal School

The Mathematics Department aims to help all pupils understand and appreciate the importance and beauty of this vital subject.  With the aid of modern technology such as interactive whiteboards and Virtual Learning Environments, we strive to bring the subject to life so that its full elegance and functionality can be fully appreciated.  Each member of the department is able to teach up to GCSE and beyond with special skills in Further Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics at Advanced Levels. Lessons are enhanced with the use of ICT in the classroom.  Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their depth of knowledge by entering the UK Mathematics Trust Maths. Challenge at Senior, Intermediate and Junior Levels with students achieving gold, silver and bronze awards.

Year 7 Mathematics Scheme B

Year 7 Mathematics Scheme C

Year 8 Mathematics Scheme A

Year 8 Mathematics Scheme B

Year 8 Mathematics Scheme C

Year 9 Mathematics Foundation

Year 9 Mathematics Higher

Year 10 Mathematics Foundation

Year 10 Mathematics Higher

Year 11 Mathematics Foundation

Year 11 Mathematics Higher

Year 12 Maths Curriculum Map

Year 13 Maths Curriculum Map

Celebration of Well-being and Character Development

Tuesday, 9 to Friday 12 July

The final week of term will be a celebration of well-being through a host of character development activities. The week begins with the senior school sports day on Tuesday, 9 July.

On Wednesday, 10 and Thursday, 11 July, students will take part in a variety of house competitions and activities that will give them an opportunity to enhance a variety of skills such as leadership, teamwork, problem solving, creativeness and resilience through enterprise, drama and STEM activities to name but a few. During these days, students will also be off site taking part in a number of different activities that encompass our school values such as supporting community projects in the surrounding area and taking to the outdoors for some outdoor and adventurous activities. The school year is brought to a close on Friday, 12 July, with our final house competition. Students will need to use all their skills they have been developing throughout the year and during the week for this end of year extravaganza. We can’t tell you too much about the day as it will spoil the surprise!