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Modern Languages

Learning French, German and Spanish at The Royal

French, German and Spanish are taught at The Royal from Year 7 upwards.  The aims of the Modern Languages courses are to develop the ability to use these languages for purposes of effective communication and to encourage positive attributes to language learning, foreign cultures and civilisations.  This enthusiastic and successful Department aims to broaden students horizons, experience of the world and to develop positive attitudes towards neighbouring European countries, thus we encourage students to take part in trips and Language Conferences. Our ultimate aim is that students enjoy languages and achieve good examination grades at GCSE and A level. The Department is proud of its considerable examination success for many years and has received special recognition from the Examination Board.

Lessons are taught largely in the target language, are interactive and require participation throughout. Text books are provided for all students and varied materials are used within lessons, including video and DVD, music and other high-impact visuals. Students are encouraged to use the internet as an immediate access to languages, either for games, vocabulary development and general linguistic enhancement, or for a more in depth knowledge and understanding of French, German and Spanish speaking countries.

Learners should recognise that their linguistic knowledge, understanding and skills help them to take their place in a multilingual global society and also provide them with a suitable basis for further study and good career prospects.

French Curriculum Map  Y7 French Overview Year 8 French overview Year 9 French GCSE Year 1 Overview Site Year 10 French GCSE Year 2 Overview Site Year 11 French GCSE Year 3 Site

German Curriculum Map Y7 German Year 8 German Overview Site Year 9 German GCSE Year 1 Site Year 10 German GCSE Year 2 Site Year 11 German GCSE Year 3 Site

Spanish Curriculum Map Year 7 Spanish Overview Site Year 8 Spanish Overview Site Year 9 Spanish GCSE Year 1 Overview Site Year 10 Spanish GCSE Year 2 Overview Site Year 11 Spanish GCSE Year 3 Overview Site

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According to The Telegraph, Secondary School Places, 20 December, 2019