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Studying Music at The Royal

Music has traditionally been a very strong subject at The Royal School whether in the Primary or Senior School.  All students in Years 7 – 8 study music and there are ample opportunities to perform both within school and outside. In Year 9, it becomes a GCSE Option choice.

The music department occupies a suite of dedicated rooms – one set up with a high quality sound system and one with computers running notation/sequencing software and keyboards. The department enjoys the support of a talented group of visiting music staff who bring a wide range of expertise with them. Students are encouraged to join various music ensembles and choirs and have the opportunity to perform both in school and at outside venues such as the LG Arena.

Music Curriculum Map

Curriculum template Year 7 Music Curriculum template Year 8 Music Curriculum template Year 9 Music Curriculum template Year 10 Music Curriculum template Year 11 Music