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Incoming New Students 2021

Congratulations on securing a place at The Royal School Wolverhampton to continue your next chapter of education. As you may be aware, hundreds of students applied for a place at The Royal School and you are one of the lucky students to successfully gain a place with us. Many students and parents want to be part of The Royal School for the quality of education, high standards and opportunities for personal and academic development and this is why we are the most oversubscribed school in the country.

We are sure you have lots of questions and you are keen to know more about the school. During the next few weeks and months you and your parents will receive information that will help you prepare for September.

As part of your preparation for life at The Royal School, I invite you to write a letter and tell us about yourself; who you are, your interests and hobbies, subjects you are good at, things you may find difficult, what you are looking forward to the most about joining us, and any other information you would like your teachers to know about you including any questions you may have.  You can email your letter to

There are a number of other activities that will help support your transition from primary to senior school including transition days, information booklets and parents’ information evenings. The school website will have information that you may find useful in preparing to join us in September.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Should you require any more information please email

Parent information evening 2021 parents copy[1]

Activity booklet


Year 7 Handbook

Welcome video: Click here.

Parent Information Video: Click here.

Welcome Videos from Senior Leaders

Mr Mark Heywood – Principal

Mrs Louise Hale – Vice Principal Learning & Teaching

Miss Angie Dent – Vice Principal Pupil Wellbeing

Mr Large – Head of Boarding

Mr Chris Howells – Assistant Principal Careers, Transitions, & Guidance

Mr Chris Howells – Regarding Lesson 7

Mr Rhodri Jones – Head of Sixth Form

Mrs Susanne Afifi – Head of SENCO

Welcome Videos from Heads of House

Mr Benson – Head of Balmoral

Mr Bagnall – Head of Buckingham

Miss Mulvey – Head of Sandringham

Mrs Goodlad – Head of Windsor

Activities to Do

Maths transition booklet

English transition booklet

Be-Awesome-Go-Big-Workbook-to-print Session-1-Being-awesome Session-2-Unlocking-your-mind Session-3-Dare-to-take-risks Session-4-Making-the-change Session-5-Lost-but-not-lost Session-6-Bouncebackability Session-7-What-is-normal-anyway Session-8-Friendships-and-fallouts Session-9-Living-well