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School Policies

The Royal has policies and procedures in place to cover all aspects of the School and these can be viewed via the links below. For further information on any item please get in touch with the School. You can also request a paper copy of any policy or other information on the website.

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AGT Policy

Accessibility Policy

Admissions Details 2021-22

Admissions Policy 2021

Attendance and Punctuality Procedures

Behaviour Policy

Bereavement Policy

Careers Policy

Charging and remissions policy

Code of Conduct

Communications with Parents

Complaints Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

CPD policy

Curriculum Policy

Disciplinary Rules and procedure

EAL Policy


Electronic Communications Policy

Equal Opportunities

Equality Information & Objectives

EYFS Transition Policy

Exam Contingency Plan 2020/21

RSW-Exclusion Policy

Food Allergy Policy

Governor Expenses

Health & Safety Policy

Home School Agreement

Internal Appeal Policy

Internal assessment and endorsements Invigilation Policy

Learning teaching and assessment policy

Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Funding Strategy

Medical Policy

Privacy notice – Applicants GDPR

Privacy notice – Governors GDPR

Privacy notice – Parents GDPR

Privacy notice – Pupils GDPR

Privacy notice – School workforce GDPR

Professional Review & Development policy

Provider Access Policy

PSHE policy

PSCHEE Primary Policy

Pupil Premium Strategy 2019/20

Remote Learning Policy

RSE Primary Policy

RSE Senior Policy

Special Educational Needs and Disability Information Report

RSW Safeguarding and Child Protection

Safer Recruitment Policy Statement

Separated Parents Policy

Staff induction policy

Substance Abuse Policy

Visiting Speakers Policy