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Learning Support

Teaching at The Royal School is child-centred and all-inclusive. This means that each and every child matters to us, and staff do everything possible to cater for all abilities and needs.

The School follows the Government’s National Code of Practice for special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and regards this as a whole school responsibility. We recognise that all pupils entering our school are different in their abilities, aptitude and interests and with this in mind we aim to provide every pupil with a physically, morally and educationally secure environment in which they can develop and reach their true potential.

Wherever possible, this is delivered through the high quality of teaching offered within the classroom, however there are occasions when additional support may be needed to help vulnerable pupils and those experiencing barriers to learning. This is usually provided through customised study programmes based on individual need and the extent to which a child can cope in mainstream classes. Extra support may take place in individual sessions or small groups and may also involve outside agencies such as speech and language therapists.

Below is a summary of our objectives when working with children with special educational needs:

Ensure that all pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum.

Recognise that vulnerable children and those with special educational needs and disabilities are entitled to the appropriate support and provision to enable them to progress.

Provide a range of support to suit all needs within school.

Assess children’s needs and provide at the earliest opportunity the support and monitoring required in line with the SEND code of practice.

Integrate vulnerable children into school life providing appropriate support when necessary.

Seek the active participation of parents, carers, subject teachers and specialist agencies.